Hello, I’m Talia & my passion is creating beautiful visual stories.

I live in Ormond Beach, FL with my husband Mendy, and my 3 children Tova, Eli, and Racheli. I love designing just about anything and when I had my Beautiful daughter Tova, it was out of my personality to just rest and not do anything. Therefore, I started to design all of my albums, then got bored and reached out to friends who wanted help to do theirs. That’s when Talia’s Album Design was Born. I realized SO many people don’t have their photos organized into albums. They either take too long, get overwhelmed, it’s too hard for them to choose which photos are best, don’t have the time, don’t have the patience, or just did not like the photos that were taken. I solved this dilemma. Now, a beautiful visual story, a new family heirloom, that tells your personal story WITHOUT the potential heart attack or meltdown in the process. Also, I lived in Crown Heights, NY for 2 years and when I got married I paid a FORTUNE for my wedding album. Like wow! But paid it, because hey, we can’t just not have an album, right? I did more research about wedding albums and realized they DO NOT need to be so expensive. It is the SAME glorious Italian Leather quality, just I take less of a cut. Which is OK. That is my goal. To make it AFFORDABLE. To make it REASONABLE. And to make it GLAMOROUS. That right there folks, is my mantra.

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